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Humanitarian aid for people

When people are suffering, we help

Asorix has set itself the goal to help people who are in need, for what reasons ever and wherever. To do this Asorix cooperates with similar agencies and associations.

How do we help?

We collect what people need in their difficult situation most, such as clothing, medical supplies, durable lasting food, equipment for water and electricity supply.

You want to support us financially?

Please transfer your donation just to our bank account:

  1. Bank: VR-Bank Asperg-Markgröningen eG

  2. Account owner: Asorix e.V.

  3. IBAN: DE16 6046 2808 0673 1500 03


  5. Purpose: «Help»

The money will be used solely for auxiliary purposes.

The use of the funds will be published.

How to get the help the people?

The collected aids are being sighted, if necessary packed in boxes and transported through donated or leased by us vans or trucks to the people, to which the help is intended.

How to distribute the aid?

The distribution of the aid collected on site by our trustworthy partners and well-known organizations.

As the proof of equitable distribution of aid?

The distribution of the aid collected will be documented and published by receipts, photos and videos.

The team Asorix thanks all those who support us and thus do good.

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"We are also prepared for new sanctions if need be, but sanctions are not an end in themselves," she said, also lamenting the dire humanitarian situation in the conflict zone. "Unfortunately the International Red Cross hasn't yet been able to gain adequate access to the areas of Donetsk and Luhansk. That must improve.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, 16.03.2015

Source: Deutsche Welle

We help people in need

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